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April 9th, 2024

Thank you to the Arcadia Foundation for Transforming Lives and Building Brighter Futures

[ Author: Jason Bosher ]

The Arcadia Foundation envisions a world where children and youth learn and thrive in a safe and healthy environment. Working to realize that vision, the Arcadia Foundation is dedicated to investing in children and youth, and understands that the future well-being of our country rests upon the well-being of the young.

At Covenant House Vancouver, we are grateful for the incredible generosity of the Arcadia Foundation. Their support of Covenant House’s Community Support Services, that include our Drop-In Centre and Outreach team, will help us continue to connect with young people age 16 to 24 who are homeless or precariously housed. Building trusting relationships by being a consistent, supportive presence in their lives, Covenant House’s Outreach staff meet young people where they are at, to offer immediate support and welcome them to visit our Drop-In Centre, where they will have access to nutritious food, counselling, hygiene supplies, and clothing, among other essential supports.

The Arcadia Foundation has also partnered with Covenant House to invest in our Rights of Passage program that supports youth in their journeys to learn and practice life skills, as they develop greater independence and prepare for the significant step of moving out into the community.

“Having seen first-hand how Covenant House is providing a nurturing and safe environment for vulnerable youth, and helping them cope with, and overcome, adversity is what motivated us to invest in Community Support Services and the Rights of Passage program,” said Mala Kustermann, President of the Arcadia Foundation.  

Thank you, Arcadia Foundation, for helping build a brighter future for young people in our community!

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